But even more importantly, the midsegment measures one-half the sum of the measure of the bases. The following statement about trapezoids is true: One pair of opposite sides is parallel. A trapezoid is four-sided figure, a quadrilateral, with two sides that are parallel and two sides that are not. The diagonals are congruent. Which property is true for ALL trapezoids? The upper base angles are congruent. All of the following figures must have congruent diagonals except. b. Which of the following statements is NOT true for a parallelogram? Perhaps the hardest property to spot in both diagrams is the one about supplementary angles. It's opposite angles are bisected by the diagonals. Every trapezoid is a parallelogram. Is this true for all isosceles trapezoids? These properties could include statements about angle measures, side lengths, diagonals, area, or perimeter. A square is a trapezoid.
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