2. Characters can only equip a single weapon at a time, which is switched out from the inventory screen, though equipping a grenade will also allow every other grenade of that type the player has to be thrown. Daftar treasure yang ada di part 2 ini / castle : 1. Chapter 3–1 in between the Poultry Farm and where you obtain the Shaman Slate, next to the barricades is a lone tree with purple flowers around it. Chapter 2-2 after Irving escapes, you will reach an assist jump, look up there above the ledge and shoot the shining object. At the end of Chapter 2-1 (after defeating the chainsaw majini), take his key and the door it unlocks will lead you to an alleyway with a treasure chest and the door that will end the chapter (hopefully, you won't miss them). Treasure map is a reward featured in the Buried Treasure Treasure Hunter promotion.. Chapter 4–2 at the last laser thing after activating the one where it opens the doors one of them contains a Golden Idol on an altar. Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica (2001), Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2010), Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012), Orphaned article reports from November 2019, https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Treasure_Location_Guide?oldid=857305, Chapter 5-2 randomly appear on certain bodies (some may grab you) on the final conveyor belt, Chapter 6-1 Dropped by Rocket Launcher Majinis in the room before chapter's end. Chapter 5-3 as soon as you start, climb the ladder like normal but go straight ahead, when you arrive in the room, Chapter 3-3 enter the room between the two. Please be advised that if you're playing Resident Evil 4 for the first time and using this guide while doing so, some descriptions of treasure locations will contain occasional spoilers. Chapter 5-1 Before entering the Regenerator area. These red areas are the locations of the parasites. Chapter 2–2 at the start, where the ladder is, jump up on the boxes and look right, across from the ladder. Chapter 4–1, after you pass the first stairs in the labyrinth, go right, turn to the left and get up through the way; when you reach the highest part, look up and you will see a bright, shot it and pick up the jewel. There will be a ledge to your left, climb up and open the chest. Chapter 3–1 at the end, before you turn left to head to the tram, go forwards into the cave instead, it will be there inside a chest. Found in many places in the castle. Chapter 5–3 in the control room just after the two. Solid_Lancelot -Version 1.0, June 2009 -Version 2.0, July 2009: re-verified counts and cash, I was actually off! Home » Resident Evil 7: Biohazard » Resident Evil 7 Treasure Photo Locations – Where to find secret stashes. Your partner will pick it up. Chapter 6-2 two are available in separate lockers on the ship. Chapter 4–1 in the city ruins when you find the large 2 person chest with (large) gold in it. This will cover not only Leon's adventure, but Ada's with Assignment Ada and Separate Ways, too.Now you don't have to have multiple guides bookmarked. Destroy EVERYTHING! (However, you can obtain the treasure then quit and save the game, then you will have the treasure without facing Wesker. Some of them can be combined in order to make items that will get you more money. ), Chapter 5-2: The sole Reaper that appears after you activate the conveyor belt, the area after the, Chapter 5-3: Near the beginning of the level where the first set of walkways will yield between one and three, Chapter 6-3: In the Engine Room, opening the second bulkhead, two Reapers appear from behind after the cutscene, just before the two, Chapter 5-1: As the only enemies (next to the. Chapter 5–1 at the start, go clockwise at the starting area, and the beetle will be laying on the floor. Chapter 2–1 in The Port area, located in the water, to the left of the ship. I would recommend using a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo. Chapter 3-1 At the area where you turned the bridge, look at the blocked the door. Select "3 … Sell: 3000 PTAS. Chapter 5-3 hidden in a small vase in the most northwest room during the fight with Wesker (must be collected, Chapter 5-3 hidden in a sarcophagus along with the, Chapter 2-2 just before you reach the crank in the dark tunnels there is a secret turn off, it will be a u-turn left just before the pillar, follow it to reach a chest containing it (and a box...containing a. Chapter 1-2 for killing Uroboros. Chapter 4–1 at the start, don't go up the ladder, instead, go to the left of it and follow the path until you reach a dead end. Chapter 3–1, as soon as you dock (at the northeast dock) smash the skull above the 'altar' for it to drop (you can actually knife it to conserve ammo if need be). Here are all the treasures that you can find in Resident Evil 4 and how much they will get you from the merchant. Chapter 2-2 after taking out the first 2 enemies in the caves, note the thin support beam (or stick, rather) above where the second majini (once) stood. Chapter 3-2 after you lower the bridge in first area enter the cave and hit the fire on the second (Climb up) spot. Gold Ring. Chapter 2–2 at the start, instead of heading up the ladder, continue towards the dead end, near the tracks, and you will find it embeddeed on some wooden boards to the right. There may be more locations but these are the ones that are definitely known. The chest can be seen, but is trapped in the circle of stands. Shoot it down and drop down to the second level to collect it. The Merchant sells a treasure map for each region marking where the most valuable pieces are to be found. Some items are found close to each other while some span the entire game. Spinel 1. Resident Evil 4uses a grid-based inventory system explained as an attache case the player character is conspicuously not carrying; this has a set number of squares into which all weapons, ammunition and other items except treasure and keys must be fitted. Some treasures in Re4 can be combined with other treasures to further increase the value of the item. Chapter 4-2 second corridor on the left (this is a corridor where you must use alcoves to dodge incoming solar beams). ₦2,000 Sapphire (Trilliant) 4-1: In a treasure chest after the sarcophagus trap in Chapter 4-1. The ruby is on the ceiling near the end of the rocky part of the tunnel. You will see it in the boards. 2. Chapter 3-1: Two Giant Majinis in the final village of the chapter. There are a total of 15 of these in the game. Shine the light beams into the crystal which is placed on skull, instead of the destination mirror. CHAPTER 1-3 Elegant Headdress On the ceiling in the watery chamber of the tunnel leading to the church. Chapter 4–1, Once you pass the second stairs leading to the first set of pull cords, go left and then go right, look up and you will see a bright on an overhanging ledge, shot it and pick up the jewel.

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